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Yes. The picture and sound resolution and quality that is capable from a compatible HDMI cable at 1080p is nearly double that of the analogue composite signal. There are also benefits in system control when using HDMI cables.
We suggest a Digital TV service call by our Government Endorsed Installers.
They can determine the performance of your existing antenna system and advise a solution.
Common problems are corrosion/wind damage, water entry to coax cabling, poor quality/ old cables/sockets and incorrect tuning.

In our service area, we are fortunate to have 3 transmitters available for the reception of

Digital TV . The transmitters are located at

Illawarra ( Knights Hill )

North Nowra ( Cambewarra Mt.)

Ulladulla ( Little Forest Trig.)

If you run auto-tune/search you may end up with signals from all of these transmitters even though your antenna is only designed and installed to work for one.

This is a serious problem.

Common symptoms are pixelation and sound interruption and generally poor reception.

The solution is to have the TV and PVR installed by our Government Endorsed Installers.

A working TV does not make it a compatible TV.

Compatibility is becoming a huge issue with merging technology.
If your TV has AV inputs ( YRW ) you should be able to connect a STB .

Do not underestimate the more complicated operating and correct remote control steps involved with STB installations . Our suggestion is to always investigate the cost of a Digital TV before deciding on a STB . The benefits are one remote control, easier operation steps and also the warranty from the manufacturer.
If you are involved in advising an elderly person regarding TV ‘s and PVR ‘s we always suggest eliminating as many remotes and operating steps as possible. This usually results in the installation of a Digital TV by our Government Endorsed Installers.

It is possible to install an outdoor antenna to improve radio reception but we suggest you look into Internet radio or streaming. This merging technology takes advantage of a broadband Internet connection and a wifi network , giving you access to vast content.
Local & International news, podcasts, and gigantic range of different genres of music.
Internet Radio is cool stuff.
We can provide you with a Digital TV Reception service call to assess whether or not a quality signal is available from Knights Hill, North Nowra or
Little Forest Trig. ( Milton). If not then we can provide you with a VAST installation. Viewer Access Satellite Television. With a VAST system you will be watching your favourite Free to Air programs through a Satellite Decoder box. If your TV is compatible, in High Definition 1080p.

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